Concept Alliance Asia

Astra Zeneca National Conference 2021

July 2021 

Virtual Event & Virtual Streaming Platform

We have been hearing this so much of these 2 terms being thrown around after COVID-19, the sad part is not many EOs understand the real deal and no many client’s understand fully the proper way of handling such event. 

We always tell our client that a virtual event is more than just a host sitting in front of the camera over a Zoom/Teams call. It’s more than that and it must be. A conference s easily 4 hours with breaks between but having your staff members or guests to watch a stream of 4 hours is a painful experience no matter how engaging the topics of discussion are. 

We need to plan more than that and when we say more, we mean by engagement mechanics that compliments unique platform functions.Take our unique platform for example: 

  • FHD video streaming capabilities
  • Megaphone message pinning function that allows for upvoting (this helps to get fervent question up to the top of  the list for Q&A segments).
  • Dedicated login lobby and unique login credentials with 2FA One Time Password verification process.
  • Polling function, the most essential and active engagement function.
  • Chatbox passive and important engagement function.
  • Download file function, this is important especially for conferences with multiple parties, this function allows for PDFs/PPT/Videos to be downloaded from our platform.
  • Pre-Event Lobby,  a lobby page for  pre-event activities where a teaser video can be played, downloading of pre-event reads and chatting with your colleagues. 
  • Post-Event Lobby, a lobby to showcase the event highlight video or the entire event’s clip with efficient time stamp buttons to skip to specific segments. Also serve as a page for downloading of post-event surveys and summaries. 

Aside from that, planning a virtual event is also about utilising online free of charge engagement games/tools to help better the event experience , especially when we talk about networking games for breakout rooms. We exist to solve client’s problem and if the solutions are free, we pass on this free ideas to the client. 

Below are some examples of how we blended in physical items to compliment as gift and activities during the event: 

  • We included a FOC cartoonize yourself engagement activity where guests can send in their selfie which is taken using the pre-event selfie stick gift sent to them. After they email us the selfie pic, our designer get on it, cartoonize them and slapping the key event branding over before reverting back to them the completed artwork. Now the artwork is used as their Team’s profile picture. 
  • Part of the pre-event gift was an Art jamming set which includes a small canvas, brushes and acrylic paints. During the event’s breakout room segments, we got our facilitators to have the guests paint their thoughts on the event theme/conference objective. From there each participant will do a short show and tell of it. 
  • Providing a foldable and reusable tote bag in line with the direction of being more sustainable. 
  • A foldable and reusable lunch box was also provided and guests did a show & tell of their lunch with the lunch box provided. 

Overall this event was conceptualized and executed within 2 weeks, we were more than able to execute this 6 hour conference with a dynamic requirement  because we have the expertise, the experience and a readily available virtual platform. This includes having over 20 parties dialing in to the stream to be featured , hybrid interview sessions over physical interview in studio and interviewee stationed online, hosting multiple panelists sessions with over 10 panellist and speakers physically in our studio. Lastly, a virtual event experience cant’ be complete without a key visual, theme and music, which we created and then implementing it across the transition videos, opening videos and teaser videos utilised across 3 different lobby pages ( pre, during, post event). 

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