Concept Alliance Asia

Company of Good, Fellowship Commencement Ceremony 2021

May 2021 

One of the fun events we had with lots of plot twists along the way. This was supposed to be a physical event, however 2 weeks before the event, the COVID-19 situation took a turn for the worse. Even before the client approached us to address their concern, we took the initiative and reassured them that if the regulations are tightened due to the situation, we are fully ready and confident to execute the event in our private virtual streaming platform. This ultimately led to the stakeholders discussion to pivot this event to a virtual stream instead of a full cancellation. 

For this event, we customised the platform to remove certain functions. Ultimately if the client doesn’t need networking, message pinning or even polling, we shouldn’t leave the function there. 

We were glad to be able to help the client address branding issues on the stream player at no cost. There are virtual events that do not required a backdrop with branding and thus we offered a solution, to overlay the branding over the video stream, thus allowing the logos to be featured at all times.

Aside from that we worked on the various transition videos for each segment, an opening video and a credits video for all the mentors to be featured. These are some of the ideas we have offered to help value add the content of the virtual event. In addition by engaging our virtual platform services , we also assisted to mass send the “event invitation and the unique login credentials” to the guests, thus removing this additional worry or task for the client. 


Lastly, virtual event is not just about our platform capabilities, our confidence or our value add services. It’s also the very essence of cue calling and directing the show, you can have a splendid platform , but if the the content and directing is bad, it can heavily affect the outcome of the event. We ensure that all your speakers including the host looks good on camera, no fumbles and the typical lines “ Can you hear me or can you see me?” as we go on extra mile to prepare them. 

Fun Fact: Virtual event can cost heavily if done professionally because every speaker that dials in ideally they have to be in an individual teleconferencing room with us on an individual computer.. You must be thinking why so? That’s because ……

  • You don’t want the speakers to be interrupted by an individual who just joined the call or accidentally un-muted his mic
  • You don’t want the framing of your speaker to be disrupted by a person who just turned on his/her camera ( if you notice zoom.teams framing changes when a video cam is on) 
  • By having them in a different room, it gives us time to prepare them, especially if they are on back to back segments. 
  • Doing a virtual event does not only involve a laptop or two, there are plenty of other hardwares involved to help make the virtual event as seamless as possible. 

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