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IMPOSSIBLE FOODS, Dairy Farm Group Launch!

Back to the solid foundation hardware mode, the back breaking, feet aching and sweat soaking roadshows.

Impossible Foods, a brand with a good cause and we are so happy to be able to work on these projects with them. 

From a LazLive and roadshow last year at NTUC , to a new roadshow project done in DFG (Cold Storage).

Different campaign mechanics but we helped our clients efficiently save cost by reusing materials from the previous roadshow which was almost a 6 months gap. We managed to do that by sourcing and providing our sustainable centric client with sustainable hardware solutions. Reusable backdrops, reusable pull up banners, reusable kapaline boards. 

2 Roadshows running concurrently over 3 days with over 8000 food samples provided and the product itself were selling like hotcakes. More importantly, is is about product education, it is fulfilling for us to be able to experience the joy of consumers learning about a new product, especially the health and environmental benefits of a plant based meat. 

We gave food samples as well, but with COVID-19 situation we had to be extra careful. All the cooked food samples were cooked in a central kitchen and delivered over to the roadshow in 2 hour intervals to ensure that the food samples served are fresh and within the guidelines of a 4 hours block for on-site catered food. We also had the food samples packed individually in sustainable paper cups with paper lids and ensuring that the packaging is only opened by the intended consumer, thus no chances of cross contamination between the consumers and food are not exposed to any air contaminants. 

We  did our grueling part of confirming that we are able to execute these roadshows with MTI, this is done for every roadshow to be held. We only proceed with the event once MTI provides the green light, our responsibility to society is important and we hope to do our part in helping the city cope with the endemic by being a law abiding company.

We were so busy at the roadshow we forgot to snap nice pictures.

Fun fact: Compress foams are usually used for branding purposes at roadshows , but paying a little more for Kapaline, which is a more durable material actually helps you to be more sustainable and cost efficient as the chances of the prop being damaged is way lower. 

We were so busy at the roadshow we forgot to snap nice pictures.

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