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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Black Badge Cullinan Launch

January 2020

An event that we at CAA were all waiting for, this is what we live for, challenging the ordinary car launch event. This was truly a heavyweight tier launch event that in a few years, we don’t think anybody can supercede this. 

The Black Badge series of Rolls-Royce is just so unique, it’s inspiration of gothic black mixed with modern neons and a mystery vibe gave us a platform for our event to leap from. 

First off the event needed a unique venue, a venue that provides a private luxury event but yet unconventional. The space needed to be a mystery, big enough to house over 150 guests comfortably and most importantly a private lobby area for our ushers to receive them at the door way. The experience is as if you have arrived to a bespoke 1 night luxury club, where only the VVVVVIPs are invited to. 

The space we ultimately proposed was a nice sheltered carpark lobby of The Mill, an iconic black surfaced “gotham” like venue, truly a venue that matches our foresight for the event. Then here comes the problem, the place can get stuffy, it’s an open space carpark after all, so we did something no other EOs will ever propose. We sealed the openings of the space with drapes and brought in event air condition specialist and blasted the entire space with over 5  units of 120K BTU and 8 units of 80K BTU.

The Cullinan itself evokes out the sense of adventure and when matched with a Black Badge , this means we either go big or go home. We proposed a daring catering option by working with Michelin Star Chef David from BurntEnds. We managed to device a way where the restaurant’s iconic real flame grill over burning logs is used to ensure quality of the food and for an adventurous showmanship. Just imagine smelling the fragrant of grilling meat while witnessing the open flame at the kitchen area. 

We decked up the bar and kitchen area to an iconic F&B station with neon lights and moving motion, just so people know that the identity of the Black Badge Cullinan is unique and deep. While guests are nejoying the food and specially crafted cocktails, they were also enjoying a beautiful elegant performance by out silk aerialist who was donned in black and a smoky makeup. Pairing her performance with a black silk running down from the ceiling, our performer also served(poured) champagne over to guests who approached her all while she is hanging on the silk. 

The launch itself was the most iconic one, it will be hard for us the next time round to overcome this benchmark we made ourselves. The launch was matched with programmed pixel lightings , LED Wall , Moving Robe lights and lasers. What we wanted to achieve was an impactful unveil, like a heavyweight champion walking out in the midst of the crowd into the boxing ring. We wanted people to be intimidated at first glance and then enticed thereafter. 

All event photobooths are almost the same these days, but with us, it is never the same. We brought in over 20 individual screens to form a unique Black Badge Photo Wall , each screen loops an iconic branding that best evokes what the Black Badge Cullinan is all about. Matched with a bullet time photobooth, this became the ultimate bullet time photobooth. 

One of the headaching moments, we learnt a lesson from was never to trust equipment.. We had faith in the generator but yet the generator broke down, we had a tough time trying to replace the generator not due to unavailability , but our structures were already up and were blocking the access point. However under our supervision and our generator vendor’s high level of responsibility to our business partnership, we devices a safe and efficient way to remove the generator. Bearing in mind that this happened 2 hours before the event, all we can say is , bad luck comes and goes. 

The event was well received, after more than a year, we seen a number of Black Badge Cullinan on the streets and it warms our heart, that is why we do what we do. 

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