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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ghost Launch

October 2020

The first car to be launched after the brand’s huge undertaking of the new Post-Opulence look.

As head of the very pinnacle of luxury design, they desired a launch set and mechanics to best evoke the brand’s new direction. We were tasked to revamp the conventional Showroom space into an elegant and impactful space that encourages networking and the enjoyment of the car.  

Some challenges we faced but overcame:

  • Food & Beverage had to be well thought out as the food’s taste and look inadvertently ties back closely to the car launch. The sense of taste and the visual of food is undeniably a strong WOW factor. We got celebrity Chef Martin Woo to helm as the event’s head chef and curate a refined and allure menu that best represented the launch. No product launch is complete without a specially customised cocktail/mocktail which we worked with outstanding event specialized bartender whom we entrust to provide top notch bar services. 
  • Space planning and safety measures was a headache, bearing in mind that this was Singapore Covid-19 Phase 2 period. We planned the program and space in a manner where cross mingling between groups were discouraged and even F&B served are to be within the group cluster they arrived with. 
  • Though we are experienced in car launches, we cracked our heads to help launch this car in an elegant yet simple manner. Simplicity is the key here. How do you launch a car in a simple manner yet impactful? The answer is using subtle mechanic that matches with the launch music. We brought in a full white automated projection screen that is silent when drawn up or down. Matched it with a 14K DLP Projector, Robe Lights and a touch of silent low fog for the unveil (.watch to video to see more).
  • A photowall never seen before. Being simple doesn’t mean being ordinary. We 
  • The masterpiece by Adeline Tay helped complete the space, we managed to bring aboard and artist to complete a string art walk through area.

This was a fun event across a week running 3 sessions a day, we saw many happy and in awe faces. This was a milestone event for us , our first physical event after a long hiatus due to COVID-19. The key to operating physical events in such situation is ensuring that we do our part as an EO to enforce and guide our clients on safety measures and facilitate them with solutions instead of just telling them the guidelines. 

Lastly our take away from this event, event management is more than just how we launch the cars, it’s more personal than that and it’s the multiple details put together that will create an impact. 

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